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I absolutely love all of Paola's workouts and all of the great emails she sends out! They are the encouragement that I need and look forward to seeing them every day!

Natalie Lara

My "fit friends" rave about you and that means a lot. Your personality and style come through in everything you do. Your IG posts, your website, and even your emails!

Adena Teitelbaum

Pao is the most amazing woman to work with! She's quick to respond and so supportive. She makes counting macros doable and not overwhelming!

Tiffany Kinson - @the.balanced.brunette

I am so GLAD that I bought Paola's SSBM workout program! It really helped increase my motivation, strength, and changed my mindset. Now I'm really excited to work out!

Ally Shaw


The ultimate list of effective tips to help you lose weight, torch fat, add lean mass and get healthy. Follow these step-by-step instructions and start reshaping your body today!
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The most thorough guide on how to start a healthy lifestyle. Learn countless of little-known secrets and start enjoying the plentiful benefits of healthy living right away.
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I immediately saw results with SSBM and felt like it was something that actually worked for me! I've seen results over the last 12 weeks that I've been dreaming of for so long

Jennifer Hochberg - @jenniferwendy

Paola's Macros Consultation changed the way I will eat for the rest of my life. I no longer feel starved, but instead, I feel full of energy.

Kelly Bosch - @k_bosch9

I love having a plan and not having to think about what to do at the gym. I love Pao's combination of using weights and circuit training, it was exactly what I was looking for!

Anoushé Dastmaltschi - @anoushe_fit

In 4 weeks I have lost 6 lbs! I feel leaner, less bloated, and have more energy. Getting my macros calculated by Paola has been the best decision!

Claire Brandeburg


Strong & Sexy Body Method

Get stronger, leaner, and healthier with my exclusive 12-week workout program

Strong & Sexy Body Method

Get stronger, leaner, and healthier with my exclusive 12-week workout program

Macros Consultation

Start counting macros the right way and enjoy the beauty of flexible dieting

Strong & Sexy Meal Plan

No more guesswork! Find exactly what to eat and when to eat it to smash your goals

HIIT Workouts

Crank up your weight loss with some good High-Intensity Interval Training workouts

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