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I absolutely love all of Paola's workouts and all of the great emails she sends out! They are the encouragement that I need and look forward to seeing them every day!

Natalie Lara

My "fit friends" rave about you and that means a lot. Your personality and style come through in everything you do. Your IG posts, your website, and even your emails!

Adena Teitelbaum

Pao is the most amazing woman to work with! She's quick to respond and so supportive. She makes counting macros doable and not overwhelming!

Tiffany Kinson - @the.balanced.brunette

I am so GLAD that I bought Paola's SSBM workout program! It really helped increase my motivation, strength, and changed my mindset. Now I'm really excited to work out!

Ally Shaw


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Strong & Sexy Body Method

Get stronger, leaner, and healthier with my exclusive 12-week workout program

Strong & Sexy Body Method

Get stronger, leaner, and healthier with my exclusive 12-week workout program

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