If you’ve tried other fitness programs, and haven’t gotten the results you want, this is for you…

The Strong & Sexy Body Method can help you get the body you’ve been working for…

…without spending all day in the gym OR going on a crash diet.


I’m Paola Marquez, creator of the Strong & Sexy Body Method. I’m a certified personal trainer, and today, I been able to help thousands of clients get the strong, sexy bodies they’ve been working their hearts out for — even when other programs had stopped working, or they’d thrown in the towel.

Now before I get into the “how,” let me tell you a little about my own journey.

Back in 2012, I’d just gotten married, my husband and I both had demanding careers, and frankly, our health was the last thing on our minds.

In fact, I’d never set foot in a gym when this picture was taken.


ut when I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself anymore, I decided I needed to “do something” about that, and I started going to the gym to “fix” my body. It was a chore. I almost gave up so many times.

When we think about going to the gym as something we’re doing to “fix” ourselves, we’re turning it into a punishment.

And then finally, I had a breakthrough… After months of research, I’d honed in on the 3 simple things that really made all the difference:

  • The right fitness program
  • The right nutrients
  • And the right combination of them to create a lifestyle that helped me feel AMAZING

nce I unlocked the right combination, going to the gym no longer felt like a chore.

Instead, it was my happy place.

This was something I had to share with *everyone* I possibly could.

I got my Personal Trainer Certification, and the education that went with it allowed me to fine-tune my program even further. Now, thousands of clients later, I wanted to share this program with as many women as I possibly could.

If you believe that…

  • Being healthy should make you FEEL GOOD (not like you’re a prisoner to the gym or your diet)
  • That going to the gym should BE FUN (and not a punishment)
  • That you should be able to HAVE SOME CAKE when you need a treat (and not feel like you’ve failed)

Then we are on the same page.

I designed the Strong & Sexy Body Method to help women like us…

Smash our fitness goals in record time

SSBM’s proven method gets results, even if you’ve plateaued before

Be in and out of the gym in 45 minutes

Efficient, effective workouts get you out of the gym fast, without sacrificing results

See weight-loss results without deprivation

No more diets! Focusing on macros means permanent results without missing out

Feel GREAT in our own skin

Get your body in its best shape EVER and be your happiest, healthiest self!

What makes the Strong & Sexy Body Method so effective?

SSBM Workout Program and Counting Macros - Fitness Transformation 29
SSBM Workout Program and Counting Macros - Fitness Transformation 26

Over 120 Different Exercises to Tone Every Muscle

Combinations of weights and plyometrics gives you the best of both worlds–and the best results

Powerful Cardio Workouts You’ll Love (Even if You Hate Cardio)

LISS – HITT cardio routines turn you into a fat-burning machine. Without making you dread your workout

Workouts that Work ANYWHERE

Workout at home, at the gym, or wherever you are, with variations that let you complete your workout wherever life takes you

Flexible “Dieting” for Fast Results, NO Deprivation

A custom-built breakdown of each macronutrient you need to get the perfect body–and feel great doing it

SSBM Workout Program and Counting Macros - Fitness Transformation 30
SSBM Workout Program and Counting Macros - Fitness Transformation 24
SSBM Workout Program and Counting Macros - Fitness Transformation 31

A Proven System That Gets You Results... FAST

You don’t have to live in the gym…With the right moves you’ll see massive results in under an hour per day

Workouts that Scale for Every Body

Suited for all fitness levels, body types and sizes, with workouts that scale for every body. Get ready to sweat from Day One!

Over 120 HD Videos for Great Form Every Time

Get lifetime access to High-Definition videos of every exercise in the guide

Customized Coaching that Keeps You On Track

Not many online plans include access to a Certified Personal Trainer, but Paola makes herself available so YOU get results

SSBM Workout Program and Counting Macros - Fitness Transformation 30
SSBM Workout Program and Counting Macros - Fitness Transformation 24
SSBM Workout Program and Counting Macros - Fitness Transformation 31

But here’s the real secret:


ou’ve probably tried your fair share of fitness programs. Most of them probably included some of the things mentioned above (ok, no one else gives you 120 HD videos — But you know videos alone aren’t going to deliver your dream body).

The secret to SSBM’s success is the combination of working the right muscle groups for fast results, pairing custom macros that are calculated for your goals, and using those 2 tools together to create a personalized program, that literally fuels your results in a program that actually fits into your daily life.

Because let’s be real: No matter how “good” a program is, it’s not going to “do” itself!

The real secret ingredient to SSBM is YOU, fittie!

So what kind of results are other women seeing from SSBM?

SSBM Workout Plan - Sarah Transformation

Meet Sarah…

“I struggled with my body image so much before your guide. You and your positive energy toward health and fitness taught me to be kind to my body and be the healthiest I can be. I am trying to follow your lead and help those like me, struggling with their body image.

Before SSBM, I was going through a pretty hard time. I was spending hours in the gym and suffering from multiple eating disorders. I was losing my hair, had cardio, intestinal, esophageal, and immune complications.

SSBM Workout Plan - Sarah Transformation

You and your guide have set that foundation for me and I would like to join you in the journey to emphasize that exercise is a celebration of your body, not a punishment.

Now I have the vitals of a professional athlete, going on to tryout for the CrossFit Games! You’re an amazing woman! Thank you! You saved my life!” – Sarah Purdon @purdyfit15

SSBM Workout Plan - Kelly Transformation

Meet Kelly…

“I started SSBM following the end of my second year doing BBG, and I was eager to find a new guide that would not only challenge me but help get into weight training again. With your guide I experienced the most seamless transition between the two, and regained a love for the gym that I had lost when I was playing collegiate sports.

It was the perfect mix of exercises, offered plenty of modifications for those of us out there without a gym membership, and I could feel how much work you put into it every time I opened up your guide and got to work. 

My results were amazing; I feel strong and so confident in and out of the gym, and as the weeks went on and new exercises were thrown into the mix I noticed that strength.

By the end of the 12 weeks, I was eager to restart from the beginning and to increase the weights (something I never thought I would do again!). As for macros, I had always worried that tracking my meals would make me somewhat paranoid and that I would limit myself, but I have never had a day where I felt like I couldn’t eat what I want when I wanted.

It has already taught me so much about my eating habits, I can see more definition in my muscles, feel far more energetic and awake during the day, and have a whole new outlook on what I eat every day.” –  Kelly McGrath @kellymcgrawth11

SSBM Workout Plan - Lindsey Transformation

Meet Lindsey…

“SSBM has helped me see the kind of results that I struggled for years to try and achieve. I was always sort of a yo-to dieter and constantly switching up my workout routine in hopes to find something that I truly loved.

I purchased SSBM and it was the first guide I’ve ever completed start to finish, along with counting macros.

SSBM catered to everything that I love about working out – lifting weights and higher intensity circuit training sessions.

SSBM Workout Plan - Lindsey Transformation

I loved how each week was different and always gave me something new to look forward to. I especially loved being able to watch a video of each exercise; this really helped me to understand exactly what was expected of me well as helped me perfect my form.

Now, twelve weeks later, I’ve never felt so confident in myself and in my body. SSBM brought a lot of physical gains for me, but what I found even more amazing is all of the mental and emotional strength it brought me. It allowed me to connect with my body and understand just how capable I am. It has truly provided me with a sense of confidence I’ve never felt before: in and out of the gym.

This guide has reignited the fire within me and has reminded me exactly why I fell in love with health and fitness in the first place.

Even if you’ve never picked up a barbell in your life, Paola’s guide will walk you through each exercise and show you exactly what to do. If you’re looking for something different, I’d highly recommend investing in this guide.” Lindsey Baker @lindseylivingwell

SSBM Workout Plan - Meghan Transformation

Meet Meghan

“I was stuck in a rut for a long time and was really lacking motivation, but now I am excited about fitness again and loving the results I’m seeing from your guide (already!). In just one round of SSBM, I have completely reshaped my back and upper body.

This photo was from only 3 weeks in!!

On top of that, I feel more confident. I’m not afraid of using the machines or trying heavier weights when I’m in the gym, which is a huge accomplishment for me!

Your constant motivation and inspiration on Instagram are so helpful in my everyday routine, and I love the fact that you take time to reply to comments and comment on other people’s posts… it really means a lot to me.

I can’t wait for the upcoming weeks and the challenges that come along with it! Thank you for being such a big part of this chapter of my fitness journey!” Meghan @tanlines.and.training

SSBM Workout Plan - Claire Transformation

Meet Claire…

“Earlier this year, I felt I had hit somewhat of a plateau. I was looking for a way to challenge myself and go out of my comfort zone, and thought that counting macros and adding weights to my routine may have been what I was looking for.

I stumbled across Paola on Instagram, and started following her guide plus her macros recommendations.

At first, adding weights and macros was fairly daunting for me, however, between the guide and Paola’s guidance, it made the process so much easier and more manageable.

SSBM Workout Plan - Claire Transformation

You and your guide have set that foundation for me and I would like to join you in the journey to emphasize that exercise is a celebration of your body, not a punishment.

I really can’t thank Paola enough. She is such an amazing person to work with, and really takes the time to look at your personal goals and work with you to achieve them.” – Claire Guentz @claireguentz

SSBM Workout Program - Mobile Banner

Are you ready to hit the gym with this Fit Fam?

What will you say about YOUR body 12 weeks from now?


What other women are saying about SSBM…


"It's more than okay to be the only girl in the weight room!"

SSBM introduced me to so many things that used to intimidate me AND taught me that it's more than okay to be the only girl in the weight room!

The videos were extremely helpful. I even found myself watching them towards the later weeks in the program if I needed a refresher on proper form, equipment needed, etc. I like how every 4 weeks the routine was changed up a bit. I never got bored!

Thanks to SSBM, I realized how much I prefer lifting weights! Initially, the HIIT in weeks 9-12 scared me because I have never been a runner, but I actually look forward to my 20 minute sessions on the treadmill now. Running came more naturally than I thought - maybe because I built up some endurance.

I feel stronger now and definitely started to see some muscle definition. I can't wait to start the guide over next week!

Brittany Muraca - @brittanymuraca

"After 12 weeks of SSBM… I feel stronger and leaner!"

I have always done cardio after cardio, and I was not getting the results that I needed. I really wanted to build lean muscle, and burn fat (especially off of my abdominal area).

SSBM helped me think more clearly about what results I wanted. I like how the plan is divided by different muscle groups, like on a Monday I may work on my shoulders and abs, and on a Tuesday, I work on my legs. It’s helped me work on all of my major muscle groups every week!

I really liked about SSBM the home modifications for different workouts. I had days where I could not make it to the gym, so I used the home modification workouts to make sure to still get my workouts in every week!

After 12 weeks of SSBM, I have really great results in my triceps, biceps, and glutes. I feel stronger and leaner!

Jasmine Ibe - @happyjaassfit

"I still lost weight, even though I added calories"

I loved working out on this program. I didn't miss a day! It was motivating to see my strength increase. I gained muscle in my arms, which I love.

The videos were very helpful, and I loved that I didn't have to spend hours on the treadmill. The circuits and supersets flew by, and changed often enough that I didn't get bored. I was able to complete all of the workouts at home, which is perfect for my busy schedule.

I also learned that I wasn't eating enough before SSBM. I increased my calories from 1100-1200 per day to 1600 per day and made an effort to add more protein to my diet in order to hit my macros.

I still lost weight, even though I added calories. Now, I'm focusing on adding muscle. SSBM taught me a valuable lesson about the importance of nutrition… Now I understand how important it is for me to fuel my body properly.

I'm so glad that I purchased this program. I've completed other programs that I enjoyed, but SSBM is my favorite

Tara Craft - @fitmomtara

"Getting into weighlifting… has given me a newfound confidence"

BUY THIS PROGRAM!!! If you're questioning whether it's worth it or not....it is!

I had been using the same workout program for over a year and felt like my body and mind needed a change up. I wanted to focus on building lean muscle and overall tone my body.

Each of the 12 weeks is different and you're continually being introduced to new moves. And the bonus back and booty guides are killer. Plus, Paola is incredibly supportive and is there to answer and questions you have along the way!

Paola's guide has given me so much both mentally and physically! Getting into weightlifting and learning more about the gym has given me a new found confidence and knowledge when it comes to fitness.

Thanks to SSBM I've grown to appreciate what my body is capable of. I feel so much stronger and confident. SSBM reignited my motivation for working out.

Malina Ibelle - @bbg.mal32

"I would never lift weights because I thought it would (make my arms) bigger"

SSBM made me love lifting weights!! I used to be a swimmer and have always had larger than average shoulders and arms, so I would never lift weights because I thought it would just make them bigger.

But so wrong! My arms have actually gotten much more toned and thus look smaller.

Love the video links for every exercise and really like the superset layout.

SSBM is fun, easy to adapt to, and will make you feel so much better about yourself because you'll feel strong and not focus on losing weight.

Stephanie Wei - @stephsweatlife

So what do you say? Are you ready for your new favorite workout?

SSBM is PACKED with goodies….








hd videos

What’s inside the Strong & Sexy Body Method?

  • 12 weeks of progressive workouts (6 WO/week)
  • 260+ pages full of actionable information
  • 120+ different exercises to keep you challenged
  • 120+ High-Definition videos of all exercises
  • Customized macronutrients breakdown(s)
  • At-Home alternatives for different exercises
  • Comprehensive glossary of all exercises
  • In-depth information on nutrition and flexible dieting
  • Tips on how to choose your rest intervals for optimal muscle growth
  • Precise Cardio Guidelines to ramp up you results
  • Practical Food List to guide you through mindful eating habits
  • Easy-to-follow layout and clear instructions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How long do the workouts take?

    Each workout takes about 45 minutes. There are six (6) workouts per week.

  • How long does the program take to complete?

    The Strong & Sexy Body Method is a 12-week program with refreshing and challenging workouts every week. It’s a progressive training program and all exercise routines are structured in order of difficulty.

  • How many workout videos are included?

    SSBM includes a total of 125 HD videos for every exercise in the guide, including the 12-week program, the “Shape That Booty” bonus section, the “Get a Sexy Back” bonus section, and all At-Home Alternatives. Just click on any exercise and the HD video will show up.

  • What kind of equipment will I need?

    This guide can be easily done at home or the gym. It’s important to mention that if you want to skyrocket your results, a gym membership is preferred. The minimum equipment you will need is:

    • Dumbbells
    • Jump rope
    • Medicine ball
    • Stability ball
    • Yoga mat
  • What if I am a newbie?

    The beauty of this workout plan is that it can be followed by complete beginners all the way up to advanced users. I will walk you through every step of the process so that you don’t feel lost. The guide is super user-friendly with instructional videos and step-by-step directions for every exercise. Additionally, the workout routines are structured in order of difficulty.

  • What is HIIT cardio?

    HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING CARDIO – HIIT cardio is composed of two segments or sections of physical activity; both combined to improve the cardiorespiratory fitness level by increasing the workload that will help alter the heart rate. Those two phases consist of a high bout of intensity followed by a low episode of intensity.

  • What is LISS cardio?

    LOW-INTENSITY STEADY STATE CARDIO – LIIS cardio uses a target heart rate of 65 to 75% for a given period. This type of cardio helps improve cardiorespiratory fitness levels while boosting your wellbeing and overall health.

  • What are Macronutrients or Macros?

    Macronutrients are nutrients that provide calories or energy. There are three main classes of macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

  • What is Flexible Dieting?

    It’s a new way of eating where you count macronutrients instead of calories. Flexible dieting gives you complete control over what you eat. It will change your perception about nutrition since you will mostly stop seeing food as good or bad but as macronutrients only • I will tell you exactly how much protein, carbs and fat you should eat.

  • Do I need to follow Flexible Dieting while doing the program?

    If you’re not comfortable with tracking your macronutrient intake, then you don’t have to follow flexible dieting. However, for those people that want to follow this new way of eating to further improve the results, customized macro breakdowns, and macro reassessments based on client’s needs/goals are included in the program.

  • How many macros breakdowns are included?

    The program comes with either three (3) or one (1) customized macronutrients breakdown(s) to get you started on flexible dieting.

The Strong & Sexy Body You Have Always Wanted


  • Learn the secret formula for fat loss
  • Get proven and long-lasting results
  • Commit to a stronger YOU